Top Smart TVs of All Time

Top Smart TVs of All Time

Along with smartphones and all digital gadgets, television sets in our homes have become smarter. Along with broadcasting television channels, the television sets helps to record and divide screens along with providing features which are available in smartphones and notebooks.


The smart TVs which are mentioned below are not just televisions which are also flat but also smart devices and rightly called smart TVs. The smart TVs which are listed includes Samsung Q9FN, Bravia A1, Panasonic TX-65EZ1002, LG C7, TCL P-Series 55P607 and also Sceptre 75″ Class 4K. All the smart TVs listed have a number of features which helps the users to better their listening experience in a great way. many new technologies like 3D and motion sensor, VR (Virtual reality) are also being integrated in to these smart TVs.

Take a look at the top most smart television sets to look out for.

#1. Samsung Q9FN

About the Smart TV:

Samsung Q9FN Smart TV system is based closely around the Eden platform Samsung has been busy refining for the past couple of years, expect a few tasty new morsels that add to the experience without taking anything away.

The Samsung Q9FN Smart TV is also much better integration of the TV listings and live broadcasting into the TV’s content searching features. There are now hour-by-hour show recommendations, for instance, as well as TV shows getting much more prominence in the content browsing menus.

#2. Bravia A1

About the Smart TV:

Bravia A1 OLED combines innovative engineering with stunning design making it easily one of the best TVs to sport Android TV. Bass comes from an 8cm subwoofer in the stand.

The Bravia A1 OLED set’s Android smart platform has Chromecast built-in, making it easy to cast content from a compatible mobile phone. Apps include Netflix and YouTube in 4K.

#3. Panasonic TX-65EZ1002

About the Smart TV:

Panasonic TX-65EZ1002 OLED smart TV system is pretty to look at, easy to use, and effortless to customise everything, in other words, that a smart TV interface ought to be.

The Panasonic TX-65EZ1002 OLED has the most content rich system in town, perhaps, but I don’t actually think that’s a bad thing. Most of the key TV-centric apps are there.

#4. LG C7

About the Smart TV:

LG OLED55C7 really delivers a couple of relatively minor enhancements over previous versions which has support for ‘360’ VR clips navigated by waving LG’s magic remote control around; and the option to use the number buttons on the remote control to directly access favorite apps.

The LG OLED55C7 webOS smart TV interface was the first one that really felt like it had been developed from the ground up for TV rather than smartphone or PC users. It’s graphically rich, incredibly straightforward and logical in its layout, easily customizable, slick to navigate and sensibly focussed on the sort of TV-centric apps most users actually want a TV to deliver.

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#5. TCL P-Series 55P607

About the Smart TV:

TCL P-Series 55P607 has the smart TV version of Roku both looks and acts like the platform used on streaming video devices like the Roku Ultra and Roku Premiere+: The Home section contains all the apps in your library, while My Feed tracks movies and TV shows you’re interested in and shows you where they can be found.

The TCL P-Series 55P607 is simple, efficient and straightforward enough for most people to pick up and use without a problem.

#6. Sceptre 75″ Class 4K

About the Smart TV:

Sceptre 75″ Class 4K displays have four times the number of pixels as as Full HD display, turning your shows into an epic UHD viewing experience. Four HDMI ports allow you to connect up to four devices at once, so you can stream, browse and listen to all of your favorite multimedia.

The Sceptre 75″ Class 4K provides the HDMI 2.0 ports which allows you to seamlessly stream 4K video to get the most rewarding viewing experience that is available on the market.

Now You Choose:

So, you have read about the best and most popular smart television sets in the market. The list contains all the top brands from around the world are Samsung, Bravia, Panasonic, LG, TCL and also Sceptre. It is important to check many characteristics before deciding on the top smart TVs to buy. All the smart television sets have really transformed the television industry market and both screen which are ultra HD (High Definition), 4K and much more. These kinds of clarity in the modern smart TVs ensure that you enjoy theater like viewing experience in your own home. Thus, make your choice and start storing!

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