Top gadgets to gift tech lovers

Here is the list of the top-end gadgets that you should gift to your lover of gadgets including friends or family members. The gadgets mentioned below are not only useful but also helps to fulfill your certain specific needs and their dreams.


The millennial generation is a lover of gadgets. As gadgets have made our life much more easier, we have shared about the ultimate and unique kinds of gadgets that all gadget freak must own. We have curated the kinds of gadgets of various kinds such as fitness, accessories, charging docks and much more options.

Take a look at out top picks.

#1. Gear 360

Go for Gear 360 now. The Gear 360 has evolved to If you are looking to record in 4K or broadcast live, then you should try for the Gear 360. In addition to that, you can also use additional features with using the Samsung Gear 360 app. One of the best advantages of using Gear 360 includes in small but effective size along with its easy-to-grip body which is being recently redesigned for the users has given it quite a good advantage over others.

It is time to move more panorama. Easily share 360-degree photos and videos from this all-seeing camera. There are many security mishaps and hacking chances that both business and personal users must be aware of. With the help of this secured tool, you can easily carry on any photographic activity with having any kind of fear.

#2. Eero

You life goes into a standstill without internet. It is time to throw away your crappy wi-fi tolls and buy the sharpest wi-fi gadget for your home which is both reliable and fast. The very easy plug and installation features makes it a favorite among all kinds of users.

It is important to note that having Eero will make things much easier. The support team of Eero is always there to help you and do get in touch with them in around 60 seconds. Try to reach the support that using the user-friendly Eero app only.

#3. Fitbit Flyer

This gadget is for fitness freaks. More and more smartphones are adapting the bluetooth headphone technology. With smartphones manufacturers like Apple discarding their headphone jack feature, it is high-time to get for yourself a good pair of bluetooth headphones.

Everyone now has moved on from using wired headphones to wireless versions. Fitbit Flyer headphones has all the needed features including built-in microphone, adjustable cable and more high-end features. With the help of the shorter cords, you can easily carry them in your backpacks also.

#4. Prynt

Looking for the ultimate printing gadget to gift to your photographer friend? This brilliant gadget is bringing real photos back by making it easier than ever to print out iPhone snaps from your phone. With the help of ink-free sticker paper, you can easily start editing your photos and using them through the Prynt app and finally giving a scrapbook-like look.

Prynt is a unique product to own in many ways. This is not just your regular instant photo printer as you can also snap live photos or pick from your camera roll. Moreover, it is also the first ever instant photo-printing case. Turns your phone into an Instant Camera!

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#5. Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard

Now comes the turn for the ultimate keyboard for the PC lovers. In an always-on world, it can start to feel increasingly difficult to escape the deluge of emails coming in at all hours of the day. Perfect for someone with a lengthy commute, this compact, foldable keyboard will help to maximize those extra moments otherwise spent idle.

It can add hours of extra productivity which is catching up on returning messages or writing a memo on daily basis. All the gadgets are moving towards wi-fi models from wired electronic gadgets. The bluetooth technology has completely modified the gadgets and this rechargeable keyboard can be used with Android, iPhone, iPad along with Windows smartphones and tablets.

#6. Portable Charger for Apple Watch

The latest sensation to hit the market is the Apple Watch! The favorite new accessory is hardworking in addition to the time, it notifies about the emails and we know that it probably gets a never-ending stream of those!, calls, and texts, plus it sends calendar alerts and even measures the heart rate.

The portable chargers are in very high demand in the market. If you are also looking for long-lasting battery which can go for around 18 hours. This kind of portable charger is also ideal for the users to get timely notifications. It comes in an attractive brown protective case that easily slips into purses or briefcases.

#7. Bluetooth Tracking Tag

How about having locket as your mobile tracking device? With all the stuff we lug around all day every day such as keys, cell phones, credit cards and it is no wonder things tend to get lost in the shuffle. Let this attractive wooden Bluetooth tag serve as a helpful guide for a forgetful friend.

The device can be attached to a number of items, including the keys or your iPad along with your TV remote. If the item goes missing, you can use the free companion app which is available with iPhones to play a sound and a vibration to help you find it out whether it is within a 160-foot range.

#8. Native Union iPhone Dock

Another useful gadget comes in the form of a charging dock for your iPhone. Nothing takes a space from streamlined to cluttered faster than a jumble of wires. Moreover, it is widely recognized as wireless or portable charger is necessary for all who are always on the go. In addition to that, many style office and home interior experts believe that it also adds many style points.

This is the ultimate dock station for all models of iPhones. This wireless portable charger is made with a mix of brushed aluminum and silicone. It also charges very fast and it is very easy to handle and can go to any bags easily without taking much space.

Now You Choose:

Now the choice is yours about choosing the best gift for your tech lover friend or family member. We advise you to have some knowledge about the person to whom your are gifting the gadget mainly his or her hobbies and interest like hiking, photography and more. Thus, choose among the top ones which matches his interest level. Do not forget to notice the reaction of the person after you gift the gadget. We bet it will be priceless!

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