Best new fitness bands to use in 2018

Best new fitness bands to use in 2018

Fitness trackers have completely revolutionized the fitness industry. These kinds of fitness gadget s works 24X7 and keeps a track of your daily activities which includes walking, running, sleeping, grocery shopping, kettlebell swinging, and cycling to name just a few.


The healthtech industry and fitness innovation is moving through many leaps and bounds. The new trends in technology have opened new avenues in the fitness market and made many new gadgets for the fitness freaks to use. With the millennial generation becoming more serious about health and fitness, this industry is going to expand rapidly in the coming years.

Try these below fitness bands and trackers and choose the best

#1. Apple Watch (Series 3)

Apple is here! The Apple Watch Series 3 is by far the most popular wearable out there right now. But that is not the only reason why it is in my best fitness gadgets list. The third edition of the Apple Watch is actually one of the best fitness trackers you can get your hands on today thanks to its updated features such as being completely waterproof, ideal for tracking your swimming. It also has Built-in GPS and it’s own 4G connectivity.

Full of features that help you stay active, motivated and connected, the Apple Watch is set to make anyone with an iPhone that more inclined to hit the pool or treadmill -even if it’s just to put its features to the test.

#2. Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

Now comes the competitor to Apple Watch! For a fitness band with smartwatch-like features, look to the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro. The fitness gadget has made available all the necessary tacking activities ranging from multisport workout options, GPS tracking for outdoor workouts, accurate heart-rate tracking and also incorporates movement auto-detection. Along with the above features, you can also get any smartwatch notifications that you might want, plus the ability to reply to text messages and emails with pre-programmed canned responses, and Samsung offers a growing library of downloadable apps to further customize the band.

In addition, it is gorgeous and oh-so-slick on the wrist. Unfortunately, it is short battery life is a weak point, and you can’t use the canned responses for notifications if you are using it on an iPhone.

#3. Fitbit Flex 2

Fitbit is a popular activity tracker band. Fitbit is highty popular fitness brand. Fitbit Flex 2 embodies all that Fitbit excels at. The minimal form has no screen, and though its distance tracking and heart-rate monitoring are less accurate than other models, it has a big advantage over the competition with the vast social community that Fitbit has cultivated which is an important factor.

It is important to know that research has shown social reinforcement to be one of the most powerful motivators in pursuit of fitness.

#4. Garmin Vívofit 3

The Garmin Vívofit 3 is here! Garmin is considered a top-contender among tracking and fitness gadgets and the users can go for sleep tracking and any other fitness tracking activities which is very easy with the Vívofit 3.

The Garmin fitness tracker also boasts of very powerful features which includes being water-resistant. In addition to that, you can only enjoy year-long battery life which makes it an ideal choice for tracking your swimming activities along with some more characteristics.

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#5. Misfit Shine Fitness + Sleep Tracker

Misfit Shine Fitness is a must have! It is here that you get all the activity tracking options in less prices. You can go for all the important actions that you need to monitor in a daily basis. Keeping track for your body helps to improve your performance in terms of energy.

The Sleep Tracker is the ideal tool for the purpose to track your sleeping activity. It also helps to regulate your daily sleeping time and monitor whether you are putting enough time to sleeping and it deteriorates your health.

#6. Moov Now

You should also try Moov Now. It is a fitness wearable. They are many talks that are making rounds about the latest Moov Now. One of the cheapest option that is available for all fitness enthusiasts. This fitness gadget helps to track all the necessary kinds of fitness activities with accurate results starting from doing crossfit, swimming, boxing, running, cycling and many more.

The Moov Now design could not be simpler. It is a small disc that comes in variety of colors and sits in an attractive latticed black rubber strap. It is very light and only has a small button on the top, which you’ll click when you want to start an exercise or sync your fitness stats to get an up-to-date look.

#7. Skagen Hybrid Smartwatch

Skagen has its own version of fitness band. The Signatur Connected hybrid smartwatch is an elegant piece of wrist wear tracks basic activities automatically, and synchronizes with your smartphone, be it iOS or Android, for metrics that help you stay motivated. This fitness tracker is associated with serious fitness freaks which is also available with replaceable standard CR2430 coin-cell battery which can be used through 20mm straps.

The Hybrid Smartwatch is ideal for those who want to go a no-nonsense device with all the important tracking features included in it.

#8. Tom Tom Spark 3

Try the Tom Tom Spark 3. Tom Tom has become a popular name in the smart fitness gadget category. This gadget is ideal for both amateur and professional fitness lovers. Moreover, the Spark 3 fitness tracker is for all gym-goers, runners and also cyclists. This is one of the best monitoring tools available where it tracks your every step along with the kinds of foods that you are eating, the number of calories that are burned along with daily fitness activities performed by you.

But best of all, the Spark monitoring 3 features built in storage for songs and uses Bluetooth to sync to wireless earphones and so you do not have to take your phone with you when working out, giving you more freedom to move.

Now You Choose:

So, these are the top end fitness trackers that you should ever need to buy for yourself. Go for the best gadgets and try each and everyone properly. For the next step, you can also tell your friends and family members to check the fitness bands for themselves and finally choose the one that suits their needs perfectly. The price factor also plays a p[art in finding the ideal tracker along with the accessories provided in terms of apps and more.

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