Consumer Electronics Show 2020: Best electronics to buy

Are you aware about the best electronics showcased at Consumer Electronics Show 2020? You search ends, ends, as we have picked up the ultimate electronics and gadgets that you need to buy in the year 2020.


Consumer Electronics Show is regarded to be the oldest expo in regard to consumer electronics from across the globe. In the present year of 2020, it was held in Las Vegas, USA, where the most popular names in the consumer electronics business showcased their products. The models which were showed will be put on sale in the months to come. Consumer Electronics Show is also the largest platform to talk about the different problems that are faced by the consumer industries and also draft plans for future by integrating new technologies. In the present age of technology, many new versions of older technologies and also newer ones are seeing the day of light. In the year 2020, which starts a brand-new decade, many new innovations that have been forecasted in the past are slowly becoming a reality. The show has become bigger in scale and in terms of outreach since its humble beginning in the year 1967.

Look at the long list of electronic gadgets that was showcased to the consumers at Consumer Electronics Show 2020.

#1. Oral-B iO

Artificial intelligence is now in your toothbrush! Oral-B is a respected name in the oral hygiene industry for years and it has developed iO which is a toothbrush backed by AI which claims to know your teeth much better that you do.

It is also equipped with 3D teeth-tracking app which comes with a built-in display in order to provide feedback on your brush. You also have the ability of switching between seven different modes. This product is said to be the result of five years of research.

#2. Studio Duroy BassMe

The wearable gadgets are becoming more and more popular. BassMe from Studio Duroy is aimed at gamers and gaming professionals who want to enhance the sound experience. It can attach to PC gaming, gaming console along with home cinema.

In order to activate the tool, you need to connect your headset with help of Bluetooth and then place BassMe on your right shoulder and start playing. The other accessories which are included with this device are audio jack, shoulder handles and cables.

#3. 10minds Motion Pillow

When you are suffering from snoring and disturbing others due to it, you should definitely opt for Motion Pillow which is a product of 10minds. At the end of a hectic day, you need a complete sleep which is real and will rejuvenate your body.

With the help of technology, it detects snoring and adjusts through four airbags that adjusts itself by inflation as well as deflation for correcting the head position that results in the snoring to stop. So, do use a robot pillow in order to get better sleep.

#4. L’Oréal Perso

If you are on the lookout for a personalized makeup kit, then you must choose Perso which is brought to you by L’Oréal. Along with that, you are also provided with an app which will give you a touch of personalization.

This home-based beauty device is said to be equipped with Bluetooth. With this tool, you have the ability to mix different shades of lipstick in order to create your desired look. It works in a way that your foundation matches with your skin tone on a specific day.

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#5. Bosch Virtual Visor

Bosch is a known brand as a technology company which has introduced new Virtual Visor for vehicles. The main aim of the product is to replace the traditional visors which are available in the cars and this product assisted by artificial intelligence.

It says to work in a more effective manner as it uses AI in order to find the right position of the eye of driver. After that is confirmed, it will only darken a small portion of the windshield by which the sun seems to affect the sight of the driver.

#6. Samsung Sero TV

The Sero TV from Samsung is nothing but a rotating television. In the age of mobile applications, many viewers want to enlarge their mobile screen in the same mode which is vertical. Sero rotating TV set is said to address that problem.

With the help of your phone, it transforms from a standard widescreen television to a vertical portrait mode which resembles your smartphone mobile screen. Do note that, in terms of size, it is of 43 inches with 4K quality display for the viewers.

#7. PuduTech BellaBot

You have already been familiar with robots. The trend of working robots has been taken further by BellaBot. This particular car robot is known to be able to deliver or ferry plates to the patrons of the restaurants.

This autonomous cat robot is equipped with four trays. In terms of the look of the robot, it identifies with cat and has moving arms and legs with having sterling silver color that is hand-finished. Also, detailing made in the pink color looks very charming and pretty.

#8. TOWNEW Trash Can

Smart bins are here but trash can from TOWNEW has taken it to another level with you even do not have to change garbage bag and this process is fully automated. For the purpose of fulfilling the task, you need to use the refill function.

The TOWNEW Trash Can is made in engineering grade plastic along with Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) material which make up the exterior look. The weight of the product is 3.6 kg and can be completely charged in just ten hours.

Pick Your Favorite:

Thus, after looking at the various kinds of tools that are talked about and the numerous gadgets that was showcased to the consumers in the Consumer Electronics Show 2020, you will be able to understand the benefits that each of these tools carry for the users. All the top brands from across the globe are competing to make their presence felt as the global market in moving towards newer set of products which will help us define the future. the research and development wings are trying their level best to create solutions with the help of products which will help to solve the problems that people face and building their brand value in the bargain. The best electronics making brands that were available at the expo are Oral-B, Studio Duroy, 10minds, L’Oréal, Bosch, Samsung, PuduTech and also TOWNEW. So, this is the time for you to choose your electronic gadget to take home!

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