Best Cameras of All Time (Part 1)

Best Cameras of All Time (Part 1)

There is no better feeling than clicking photos with a genuine good camera! The camera industry have come a long way. Here we discuss about the top cameras that have caught the attention of the public and considered the most popular professional cameras ever.


With the growth of present smartphones market, the sale of cameras has taken an obvious beating. Most of the people using cameras want to just click pictures which can easily be performed by any standard available smartphone. The loyal customers of the present camera manufacturing companies worldwide are the professional group of individuals which are consisted of such as photographers, cameraman and vloggers.

Here is the list of the best cameras to get your your hands on.

#1. Nikon D850

The list starts with Nikon. Take a look at the brand’s newest full-frame DSLR gets a sizeable hike in resolution for bigger prints and if you want maximum detail or you need to print big, the D850 is the obvious option.

Furthermore, it can shoot 4K UHD video with no sensor cropping at up to 30fps, allowing users to take full advantage of their lens collection. Moreover, it has two card slots provided, one for SDHC/SDXC cards and the other for the XQD format.

#2. Sony A7R III

Along with Sony which has high-class audio. A huge pixel count and performance tweaks make this a more-than-capable rival to the more traditional DSLR. However, the AF system has also been improved from the mark II option.

In the recent times, Sony has come up with top-end cameras in market. The menu system has also been overhauled, now color coded and slightly easier to navigate although it remains comprehensive in its options.

#3. Hasselblad X1D-50c

One of the top end camera brands to consider. A mirror-less, medium format camera that not only changes the game; it redesigns the pitch. The X1D-50c is a fraction of the size of a traditional medium format camera and scarcely bulkier than a DSLR.

Though it is much heavier, the controls are minimal, but everything you need is here, and if you don’t like composing shots on the rear screen, there’s an electronic viewfinder you can use instead.

#4. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

The cameras from Canon are always impeccable! if you favour full-frame DSLR use over mirror-less model, this dust- and weather-sealed EOS DSLR could conceivably be all the camera you will ever need. Moreover, the 30.4MP sensor is a considerable jump over the 22.3MP one found inside the previous EOS 5D Mark III model.

It is definitely one of a kind as the EOS 5D Mark IV also inherits Canon’s Dual Pixel AF technology, meaning that there are phase-detect AF points on the imaging sensor itself, promising speedier AF acquisition.

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#5. Fujifilm GFX 50S

You have heard of Fujifilm reels. Fujifilm’s impressive digital medium format debut, the GFX 50S boasts a magnesium alloy body, with a tilting 3.69million-dot EVF that can be removed when not required. It is also important to note that, you will get a slanting 3.2in touchscreen at the back along with a compact top-plate LCD window which also shows the key settings.

Moreover, it need to be understood that, despite its large sensor and dazzling spec sheet, it doesn’t feel too cumbersome to hold; the grip is comfortable and the camera is nicely balanced.

#6. Panasonic Lumix GH5

Panasonic is also in the list. The camera has feature-filled mirror-less camera for photographers that need high-quality video options. The weather-sealed, dust-proof and even freeze-proof GH5 has got to be high on your wishlist.

It has made some amazing innovations as the camera also arrives with what Panasonic terms 6K PHOTO, which lets you extract 18MP stills from ultra-high-quality video footage at 30fps. There is no LCD display on the top plate but we do get pleasingly chunky drive and mode dials, along with buttons to access.

#7. Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II

Olumpus is a know name for camera lovers! The flagship mirror-less camera offering a classic design but also high-tech imaging performance, this weather-proofed option is currently as good as it gets from Olympus.

There are many new modifications where the electronic viewfinder has been tweaked too, now offering a 2.36 million-dot resolution, which makes it easy to forget what you are using is electronic rather than optical.

#8. Pentax K-1

Pentak is an old and classic name in camera world. This is a competitively priced DSLR with a robust build and surprisingly flexible tilting LCD. In the K-1, we get the advantage of a high-resolution full-frame sensor, five-axis image stabilization and plenty of useful features that are unique to Pentax.

One of the best DLSR to use, the user can get a traditional optical viewfinder, which is large and bright and offers 100% frame coverage, plus a 3.2in tilting LCD screen at the back and which likewise delivers a clear view.

Now You Choose:

Thus, you have read about the best and most popular cameras to be ever made. We have curated this exclusive list which includes all the top-end camera making brands from around the world including Nikon, Sony, Hasselblad, Canon, Fujifilm, Panasonic, Olympus and also Pentax. However, there are many smartphones that are available but are mostly preferred by users for their high-end camera features. MyLatestGadgets team want you to know about the one camera that you would think to be the best of the lot!

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