Best Smart Planters of All Time

Have you ever known about smart planting systems? Can you guess about the top advantages of keeping a smart planter or smart pot in your house? What are the guidelines to follow for having it? The team at MyLatestGadgets has made things easier for you by providing the list of top smart planters.


The smart planters which are mentioned below are not just smart planters which are also smart gadgets and rightly called high-end smart pots to keep plants. The list of top-class smart planters are Ecoqube Air, Lyfe Flyte, Parrot Pot, Click and Grow Wall Farm Mini, LeGrow and also Plantui 6. All the smart planters listed have a number of features which helps the users to maximize your living experience in a great way. Many new technologies like motion sensor are also being integrated in to these smart planters.

Let us start and read about the top models of smart planters to better the ecological balance in the house.


#1. Ecoqube Air

About the smart planter:

The Ecoqube Air smart planter offers excellent performance for a gadget of its size and is very excellent to purify the air in your house. This particular smart pot is known to provide with the home dwellers. The hydroponic technology and LED bulbs feature excellent build quality and a seamless setup.

The Ecoqube Air smart planter will definitely provide a new dimension to your home and furthermore, you can also adjust on the water levels which are required in the pots and also provide light timing and colour with the help of an application.

#2. Lyfe Flyte

About the smart planter:

The Lyfe Flyte smart planter integrates full-fledged Alexa voice control, unlike an any maglev technology to levitate the planter in mid-air. It also offers gently rotates on a circular path, enabling the plants to receive sufficient sunlight from all angles. Moreover, you will also be getting the best fancy floating feature which is a good addition.

The Lyfe Flyte smart planter is the first smart pot that actually have first-class watering system and giving magnetic energy is said to improve plant metabolism and assist in the ripening of certain fruits.

#3. Parrot Pot

About the smart planter:

The affordable Parrot Pot smart planter bring a dynamic and detailed performance to your favorite plants. the design is excellent, and there are different size options. Their compact size makes it a good fit if you do not want a better overall quality.

The Parrot Pot smart planter is known to provide a total of four built-in sensors that will help to track any progress your plant makes and its overall condition.

#4. Click and Grow Wall Farm Mini

About the smart planter:

The Click and Grow Wall Farm Mini offers excellent plant quality that is a step up from other budget planting systems. It offers a bevy of useful features for an affordable price. Build quality is excellent and includes a OCD to help to track your plant progress. The smart pot also provides real time data of soil pH levels, moisture levels and more.

The Click and Grow Wall Farm Mini is an excellent smart planter package which offers bluetooth enabled feature with automated self-watering functionalities.

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#5. LeGrow

About the smart planter:

The LeGrow modular smart garden system offer the best performance of any smart planters you have seen for the money. They deliver lego-like cube blocks which can be easily stacked. The storage capacity is good fro big plants.

Paired with high-quality components, the LeGrow smart planter system also comes with twin bulb LED Grow lights for faster plant growth and a 360-degree humidifier to keep your plants moist and hydrated.

#6. Plantui 6

About the smart planter:

Inspite of costing a bit more that other smart devices, the Plantui 6smart planter is a stylish, well-made strong smart planter.

The Plantui 6 smart planter provides large amounts of storage and combines this with a sleek and stylish look. In addition to that, the smart pot is also known to utilize a smart irrigation system that waters crops from germination to harvest, users can buy various plant capsules.

#7. Grow Duo

About the smart planter:

The Grow Duo self-watering smart planter offers outstanding watering quality for a full grown garden that you place anywhere in your house. One of the main advantages of using this type of smart planter is that, you can easily grow more than one plant in this planter side-by side. It also provides you with the required batteries.

The Grow Duo self-watering smart planter is the best affordable smart garden a nd which also be ordered with additional vegetables through the marketplace in the Grow Duo application.

#8. AeroGarden Bounty Elite

About the smart planter:

The AeroGarden Bounty Elite smart planter is a top performer, which is available with the wi-fi system in your phone which helps to track and also known always about your plant with the AeroGarden App.

With having good storage capacity for plants, the AeroGarden Bounty Elite smart planter offers a lot of space for the plants to grow fully. Unlike other large-capacity smart planters, the AeroGarden Bounty Elite smart planter also offers five different seed kits that will bring fresh herbs, salad greens, flowers or vegetables to your counter.

Now You Choose:

So, you have read about the best and most trusted and popular smart planters in the market. The list contains all the top brands from around the world are Ecoqube, Lyfe, Parrot, Click and Grow, LeGrow, Plantui, Grow and also AeroGarden. It is important to check many characteristics before deciding on the top smart planters to buy. All the best smart planters listed above had storage facility for the plants to grow, portable designs which helps it to carry with you wherever you go along with seamless design of the products. Moreover, it is important to have greenery around you which you not only purify the air around but also help you to feel more fresh and lively. With many kinds of greenhouse effects affecting the humankind, it is very necessary to grow maximum amount of plants which is possible. The application which are attached to these smart planting systems or pots make it much more easier for the users to keep track if the plant. Thus, time has come for you to choose the best smart planter for your house!

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