Best VR Games of All Time

Have you ever played any games in virtual reality (VR)? What are the new experiences that you gain by playing video games in VR? What are the things to remember while you play any game in VR mode? Today, we will talk about VR video games.


All the video game lovers are trying out more VR games. All the top video game makers are trying to release the VR edition of the top video games which are available in the market. The VR games which are discussed in this post are Gametrust Invisible Hours Playstation VR, Perpetual VR Karts, Sony Bravo Team PlayStation VR, Identity Games Escape Room The Game: VR Edition, Bethesda Skyrim VR, Xseed Gungrave VR, Warner Home Video Games Batman: Arkham VR, Nighthawk Interactive Rick & Morty: Virtual Rick-ality, Oculus Marvel Powers United VR and also Ubisoft Eagle Flight PlayStation VR.

Do take a look at the top most VR video games and the best for you reasons to play them.

#1. Gametrust Invisible Hours Playstation VR

Reasons to play the game:

As you can understand from the name of the show, the plot of the show roams around political drama. House of Cards is considered one of the most popular VR Games that everyone must watch.

The political VR Games serials has a ensemble cast of Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright and also Kate Mara. This VR show has also won many awards including the Golden-globe awards for awesome performance and a very enthralling script which binds the show and actors together beautifully. This is a must watch for all VR binge watchers.

#2. Perpetual VR Karts

Reasons to play the game:

If you would ask about the mystery and crime documentary that you can watch on VR. The name that obviously comes to the mind is The Keepers. With such as catching name of good cast, it will be liked by those who want to enjoy a gripping story which shows the dark picture of a society in a very exciting manner.

The Keepers is a story which shows about the murder of a nun and the series of abuse history which is linked to a priest. It can also be called a coming-of-age story.

#3. Sony Bravo Team PlayStation VR

Reasons to play the game:

You must be thinking about a VR Games which caters to the audience consisting of young teenagers, then the answer to your question is Stranger Things. This fantasy and Sci-fi television series has all the elements to make an enthralling storyline and fantastic display of special effects.

Stranger Things has some big names in its casting from Winona Ryder, David Harbour to Finn Wolfhard. This Duffer Brothers is a must watch on a rainy day or for any horror-movie lovers also.

#4. Identity Games Escape Room The Game: VR Edition

Reasons to play the game:

The movie is a must-watch for those who are lover of romance and drama. The storyline has also weaved in elements of mystery and politics to make a very enjoying watching. This British production is directed by Peter Morgan and explains the life of Queen Elizabeth II.

The television Original series of VR has cast of popular names in the industry such as Claire Foy, John Lithgow and Matt Smith. You must see the movie to not about the inside stories of famous royal houses of the world and have glimpse of history.

#5. Bethesda Skyrim VR

Reasons to play the game:

You must have been a comic book fan in younger days and also even now. This next VR Game has a marvel comic character in the name of the movie. The central character of this Melissa Rosenberg VR show is played by Krysten Ritter. The film touches some serious issues that are affecting the society such as posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), assault and more.

David Tennant and Rachael Taylor are also part of the series. and will be loved for all cine-goers and it has drama, action, romance and also comedy to some extent.

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#6. Xseed Gungrave VR

Reasons to play the game:

Making a Murderer was much talked about in the film market for its very controversial topic. This VR Game show has touched a new genre which make very disturbing story and grim future that our society in ruining into. This gripping documentary has opened much new doors to showing the different facets of the society to create more awareness.

This television series will be loved by those who are into watching drama and crime series and also promises of a gripping story because it is completely based on true stories.

#7. Warner Home Video Games Batman: Arkham VR

Reasons to play the game:

Peaky Blinders is a VR series which is produces by BBC and now can also be watched in VR. This is a story of a historical garage which operated in Victorian Age on th4e city of Birmingham in UK.

This crime and drama television series has big names such as Cillian Murphy, Sam Neill and also Helen McCrory, along with being directed by acclaimed director and also screenwriter Steven Knight. it will loved by those who want to peek in to real dark history and how the earlier gang wars also operated in the big cities.

#8. Nighthawk Interactive Rick & Morty: Virtual Rick-ality

Reasons to play the game:

This Emmy-award winning VR series has become a talk of the town and the title has also become a catchphrase. Orange Is the New Black has a very unique storyline where uptown and privileged woman ends up in women-only prison. The director of this series Jenji Kohan is known to pick very edge topics.

The orange dress of prisoners in the women-only jail brings a very interesting turn to the already exciting plot. The acting has stars such as Taylor Schilling, Kate Mulgrew and Laura Prepon is also very commendable.

#9. Oculus Marvel Powers United VR

Reasons to play the game:

Another classic of the VR Games television series, Narcos is a take on the life of famous drug lord of Columbia Pablo Escobar who had rags to riches story and was one of the drug lords in the world. He mainly was involved in illegal trading of cocaine around USA, Latin America and also around the world.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents and its battle with Pablo Escobar is a gripping storyline with Wagner Moura, Pedro Pascal and Boyd Holbrook. The VR series is directed by Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro.

#10. Ubisoft Eagle Flight PlayStation VR

Reasons to play the game:

You must be an animal lover. This animation style which originated in Japan and have become popular around the world. Teenagers are much attracted to the stories of vampires with the Twilight series being so popular, you must also watch Castlevania.

The television series in being inspired by the vintage video games and is much popular among younger ones and also adults. The genre of this VR Games includes horror, crime and also mystery.

Now You Choose:

So, this list of VR video games will provide you with a starting point for you to understand the medium in a much better manner. This list which have been prepared for the VR lovers by the team at MyLatestGadgets has provided the names of the games which are popular among gaming enthusiasts. The top brands which are mentioned in the above post for developing VR games are Gametrust, Perpetual, Sony, Identity Games, Bethesda, Xseed, Warner, Nighthawk Interactive, Oculus and also Ubisoft. Do, play all the games and choose the one which you find to be the best among all.

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